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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Jan 30, 2018

Matt and Tony kick off the show reflecting on a recent night of drinking together. Tony tells the audience how that night he had a little too much to drink and got nabbed at a checkpoint while riding his Vespa home. The guys joke around it a little, while trying to not make light of the situation. They then Segway...

Jan 23, 2018

Matt and Tony start the show discussing something they have a mutual appreciation for, animals. They begin riffing on service animals and how now a day’s people take them EVERYWHERE, especially in Los Angeles. They delve into some of the rules and regulations of service animals and the different types of service...

Jan 16, 2018

Legally Insane – Episode 16

The guys open the show discussing Prop 64 in California and how weed is now recreationally legal across the state. They discuss how weed is only really legal at the state level and the Federal Government can step in any time


  • [3:07] - The Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914
  • [05:26] -...

Jan 9, 2018

McDonalds Hot Coffee Lawsuit and Product Liability Laws - Episode 15

 The show starts off by Matt spilling coffee on Tony. The guys then segway into the topic of Product Liability Lawsuits. They reference the infamous lawsuit against McDonalds where Stella Liebeck sued McDonalds for spilling a McDonalds coffee in her...

Jan 2, 2018

On this week’s episode, Matt and Tony deep dive into some of the craziest and darkest parts of the legal history of the United States. Matt is a recovering Big Law attorney-turned-comedian with a passion for legal history, while Tony has no legal background whatsoever – except for a few minor brushes with the law....