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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Oct 31, 2018

Legally Insane

“Lights Out”- Halloween Laws - Episode 55

Halloween is upon us and on this spooky show Matt and Tony discuss some Halloween specific laws. Bet you didn’t know that nobody no kid has ever died as result of tainted Halloween candy. Also the guys have a show at The Hollywood Improv tomorrow, November...

Oct 24, 2018

Legally Insane

Voting Rights Laws - Episode 54

With the mid-term elections coming up, Matt and Tony have a conversation about voting rights laws. They discuss their origin and how they were originally targeted at minorities, to keep them from voting. In this episode you’ll learn about literacy tests and poll taxes for...

Oct 19, 2018

Legally Insane

Marbury Vs Madison - Episode 53

Marbury vs. Madison was arguably the biggest and most influential Supreme Court Case of all time, it’s the case that gave the court it’s power. On this episode the guys sit down and dissect this case. They also touch on some Supreme Court history, how political groups...

Oct 10, 2018

Legally Insane

Slavery to Prison and The Absentee Government – Episode 52

Building off of Kayne West’s recent interview regarding the 13th amendment, Matt and Tony have a few laughs and dissect the topic of modern day slavery. They review some of the countries worst prisons in the Southern United States and talk...

Oct 4, 2018

Legally Insane

Kavanaugh High School Chronicles - Episode 51

Matt and Tony continue the conversation about Brett Kavanaugh, aka Bart Kavanaugh. In this episode the guys discuss the recent turn of events in the Ford, Kavanaugh hearing and have some good laughs at Brett Kavanaugh’s drunken past.


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