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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Apr 10, 2019

Andrew Yang is the topic of today’s discussion. Andrew is an American Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He’s one of the 16 Democratic candidates that are gunning for a shot at the White House. He’s a bit of an obscure candidate, whose on a mission to end circumcision in the US and get the federal government to pay you a 1k a month salary, just because. He’s pro free Medicare for all Americans and wants to use his tech background to slow down the automated economy.


  • 1k a month, universal basic income
  • Am automated economy
  • Human-centered capitalism
  • Creating more jobs through tech
  • Regulating social media through an Ombudsman
  • Anti Circumcision

The Takeaway – If you’re angry about not being circumcised and you want the government to pay you 1k a month, then Andrew Yang is your guy.

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