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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Nov 7, 2018

Legally Insane

Birthright Citizenship – Can Trump Rip Up The Constitution? - Episode 56

Matt and Tony start off the podcast by recapping their recent show at The Hollywood Improv. It just so happened that Chance The Rapper came through the Improv that night. He ended up staying for the whole show and congratulated the guys on their night. In other news, being that today is Election Day, the guys jump into the topic of voting and then citizenship. In this episode you’ll learn why Trump wants to contradict the 14th Amendment clause that grants citizenship to children born here by undocumented parents.


  • [08:12] – Trump thinks he can re-write the 14th
  • [08:49] – The 14th Amendment states that persons born in the USA are citizens of the US.
  • [09:26] – The Dred Scotts Decision.
  • [11:21] – The Civil Rights Act of 1866.
  • [15:56] – A lot of conservatives are arguing that if you’re subject to the jurisdiction of another country, you’re not subject to the jurisdiction of the US.
  • [26:52] – Meeting in the middle on immigration issues.
  • [27:58] – The Caravan from South America.

The Takeaway – Most Americans can agree on some sort of boarder control or immigration reform. We need to come together to discuss the issue civilly.

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