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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Oct 4, 2018

Legally Insane

Kavanaugh High School Chronicles - Episode 51

Matt and Tony continue the conversation about Brett Kavanaugh, aka Bart Kavanaugh. In this episode the guys discuss the recent turn of events in the Ford, Kavanaugh hearing and have some good laughs at Brett Kavanaugh’s drunken past.


  • [03:03] – Fords testimony was emotional but very credible and calm.
  • [05:46] – Possibly for the first time in his life Trump said a women’s testimony about sexual assault was credible.
  • [07:03] – Jeff Flake gets confronted in an elevator.
  • [11:26] – Kavanaugh and his calendar.
  • [12:22] – Contempt for the Democratic Party.
  • [13:52] – “Bart” Kavanaugh loves his beer.
  • [15:00] – Red Red Wine.
  • [21:12] – Boofing, The Devils Triangle and Kavanaugh Beach.

The Takeaway – Kavanaugh is not fit for the Supreme Court.

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