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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Feb 6, 2018

Matt starts the show by talking about one of the biggest and most publicized court cases of all time, The OJ Simpson trial. They make a few jokes about the recent mini series that aired, his book, and then delve into some interesting facts about OJ, his lawyers and the jury.


  • [04:01] – June 12th 1994 the world watched the high speed chase across LA
  • [05:38] – OJ assembles a “Dream Team” of lawyers to defend him for allegedly killing his wife
  • [09:21] – While being held in jail during his trial he sold his NFL merchandise/trading cards and other items to pay his lawyers
  • [15:31] – OJ made 3 million dollars while in prison by signing his memorabilia and selling it
  • [16:15] – The OJ jury was sequestered for 8.5 months
  • [21:51] – DNA evidence was still new technology that not many understood it. Police mishandled a lot of the blood samples.
  • [27:27] – OJ went to Nicole’s funeral and kissed her dead body in the open casket
  • [33:31] – OJ did get convicted in the civil trial
  • [38:09] – Matt and Tony are doing some live comedy at The Hollywood Improv on March 8th Stay tuned for details!