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Legally Insane - The Law is Funny

Jul 12, 2018

This week Matt and Tony are reveling in being the #1 Mover on all of Stitcher! We start with Matt talking about becoming an old man yelling at punk teens for picking up those Bird scooters. Then they get into the topic of the day: Robots and The Law. They discuss who would be to blame if Johnny Five from Short Circuit killed someone. Fisher Stevens, or the maker of the machine or Johnny himself. Serious discussion of the culpability of robots ensues as we soon will be living in a world riddled with Robot Crime! How do we decide on the men rea “guilty mind” of a talking BOT! And of course how every movie about robots has the same issues: anomalies. Listen, learn, laugh on Legally Insane - and come to the nexst live show Thursday, Aug 2 at the Hollywood Improv at 730. Tickets available online! As always you can follow the guys online: @mattritter1 @toekneesam @legallynsanepod